Saying it with Flowers


We had a great turnout at the 18th May members’ meeting to hear from Helen Edwards of The Velvet Daisy. Some of us already knew of her huge talent for creating amazing floral designs, as one of London’s top florists, but it was the other insights she gave us into her world that made it really special.

Who knew, for example, that a vision in white peonies for a wedding could be scuppered by a single buyer cornering the market and buying up the entire supply from New Covent Market? Or that the London 2012 organisers would need almost 5,000 handmade (and technically very difficult) bouquets for the Olympic Games?

We also heard about her corporate and A-lister clients, weddings and other events, managing the business between London and Devon (and the difference in the markets and supplies), and issues like marketing, networking, stock management, buying, the early starts and long days, the chipped nails and the seasonal highlights. And her favourite flowers of all: sweet peas. We also took home a beautiful mixed bunch of flowers each… So thank you, Helen, for a great talk, and thanks too to Sue for organising it: it was a real treat, all round.